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About the 21st Century Power Partnership

Our Mission

The 21st Century Power Partnership aims to accelerate the global transformation of power systems.

The Power Partnership is a multilateral effort of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) and serves as a platform for public-private collaboration to advance integrated policy, regulatory, financial, and technical solutions for the large-scale deployment of renewable energy in combination with deep energy efficiency and smart grid solutions. Learn more about our partners and stakeholders.

The Power Partnership promises to add value to on-going power system transformation efforts by expanding the network of expertise, accelerating learning and knowledge sharing, and elevating the visibility of national efforts.


The 21st Century Power Partnership organization is structured into three main bodies that will guide and implement all partnership activities.

Power Partnership Steering Group

The Power Partnership Steering Group is the executive council of global power sector leaders tasked with guiding the strategic direction of the 21st Century Power Partnership.

The foundational partners of the Power Partnership are the governments of the United States, India, Denmark, Germany, Spain, and Finland. Minister-level officials from these countries have committed to advance integrated policy collaboration within the Power Partnership platform. Participation in the Power Partnership Steering Group ensures a direct role in development of the Power Partnership program of work and the specific activities and partnerships that will advance this program of work.

The Steering Group is open to high-level leaders from public, private, and civil sectors, with a focus on those actors who have demonstrated a track record of policy and technical advances in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and smarter grids. In support of advancing global power system transformation, Steering Group members will be expected to contribute to the annual operating budget of the Power Partnership.

Public-Private Leadership Forum

The Public-Private Leadership Forum is a foundational component of the overall Power Partnership initiative, catalysing public-private collaboration in transforming global power systems.

Opportunities for Collaboration

The 21st Century Power Partnership is undertaking analysis and capacity building activities surrounding renewable electricity integration and grid management and best practices for energy efficiency policy and energy management. We welcome opportunities to work with technical institutes and private sector companies who have expertise in these areas.

Read more about our current activities.

The Leadership Forum convenes private sector stakeholders from across the power sector, spanning electricity supply, delivery, and end-use, and plays a key role in guiding the strategic direction of the Power Partnership. Leadership Forum members also support the implementation of programmatic activities set out in the Power Partnership work plan by marshalling resources for collaborative efforts.

Leadership Forum membership is open to all firms active in the power sector. Power Partnership welcomes diverse industry representation across technologies, all aspects of the power and related energy systems, and legal, financial, and regulatory communities. The Leadership Forum aims to include balanced representation from developing and developed country participants. The Leadership Forum will select a chair and vice-chair on an annual basis to perform leadership and program development functions. PPLF members can nominate themselves to serve in these roles.

A forthcoming detailed work plan will provide further details of the governance structure.

Operating Agent

As the operating agent, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and its institutional affiliate, the Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis (JISEA), lead the Power Partnership and serve as the liaison to the CEM Secretariat. NREL implements Partnership activities based on guidance from the Clean Energy Ministerial, the United Nations, and our partners and stakeholders. The operating agent is responsible for executing the program of work, ensuring stakeholder coordination, marketing and communications functions, analysis, and all other products and services that the Power Partnership provides. Contact the operating agent.