Open PV Visualization Gallery
This gallery is the visual platform of the Open PV Project. The applications and visualizations below expose the Open PV database in different ways. Some of the applications may require you to install the latest version of flash.
Help Your State Move Up in Rank
No matter how large or small, each installation added to the Open PV Project will be reflected instantly on the Search page and in the applications below. Add your installation today then follow the links to see it appear in our live database.

State Rankings

How does your state rank?
This visualization shows which states are leading in total installs, capacity installed and cost per watt.

Project Contributors

The Open PV Project relies on contributions from its users to keep the database current and accurate.
This visualization highlights those individuals, utilities and government organizations that make this project possible.

Utility Scale PV

Where is utility scale PV?
This visualization highlights the locations of utility scale PV installations equal to or greater than 5 MW in size.

Breakeven Analysis

Where is residential PV the most cost effective?
This application illustrates residential PV breakeven prices across the United States under many scenarios and across several spatial scales.

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Please note that the Market Mapper and the Solar PV Installations Through Time were out of date and have been removed. We welcome visualizations of this data by outside groups as a replacement. We would consider linking to such visualizations. Please email the Open PV webmaster at with suggestions for our consideration.