Solar PV Installations Through Time
This visualization displays PV installations over time. Each PV installation occurrence is represented by a white circular graphic that quickly fades away but leaves a white spec to denote its location.

PV Installations in US: 2000 to Present

About this visualization

This visualization shows PV installations being installed across the U.S. through time. Three "layers" are used to convey different features of the Open PV database. The first "layer" consists of 200 points that represent the PV installations happening at the current time. The second "layer" is a heat-map that shows the current intensity of installations. This "layer" slowly cools off as the intensity of installations fades over time. Finally, a third "layer" acts as a map of existing PV installations. Each PV installation is plotted on the third "layer" so that as time passes a visual sense of PV density is portrayed.